Biggest Vietnamese newborn weighs 7.1kg

A 30-year-old woman in the northern province of Vinh Phuc has given birth to a newborn weighing 7.1kg – the biggest ever newborn in Viet Nam.

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The 7.1kg baby

“I was astonished when doctors said my boy was 7.1kg  because fetal ultrasound results estimated that he was about five kilos,” said the father, Tran Van Quan. He was so flabbergasted that he asked the nurses the weigh the baby once more to ensure no mistake had been made.

The father said that the boy was his second child and his wife did not eat any special diet during her pregnancy.

On average, Vietnamese newborns weigh three kilos and reach about seven kilos at the age of six months.

Before Quan’s son, Viet Nam’s biggest newborn was a girl born in 2008, weighing nearly 7 kilos in the Central Highland province of Gia Lai. In 2006, a girl in the central city of Da Nang was born weighing 6.5 kilos.