This freaky $2,200 prosthetic gives you two extra hands on each arm

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Why settle for one helping hand when you can get two with this 3D-printed prosthetic    11:42 AM ET Wed, 21 Feb 2018 | 01:13

A start-up called Youbionic wants to elevate people"s abilities by giving them a set of extra hands. The company"s double-handed, 3D-printed prosthetic is controlled by flex sensors on the user"s fingers. Each hand has six actuators that allow it to pinch and close.

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Youbionic launched in 2014 with a single-handed prosthetic. The company says that it"s now working to modify its two-handed wearable to perform everyday tasks such as turning a handle and typing on a keyboard.

Consumers can either buy the 3D-printing files for the prosthetic on the Youbionic website for $244, or order the fully printed wearable for $2,200.