CEO: Twitter still too hard; he likes company "independence"

Among hints about Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) from today"s Goldman Sachs investor conference, CEO Jack Dorsey notes the company and its product are still too hard for users -- and, just as important, for advertisers.

One-third of the 2M new people who come every day come with expectations of what (Twitter) should be, then get disappointed when they can"t find what they want ... It"s a lot of work right now.

Shares rose 8.1% today, continuing a run since Thursday saw the company"s first quarterly profit.

The company"s working on a more personalized experience for each user, Dorsey says, as well as easier ways to express themselves than just text: "We got stuck in the age of typing." Video is the fastest-growing content, he says.

Advertisers are looking for an easier way, too: "People are saying, "I need this to be easier, I need to be able to measure this and prove that it works" ... They"re asking for a lot more simplicity."

Meanwhile, he also seemed to wave off a company sale, saying “I’ve always felt there’s a lot of strength to our independence" when asked if he saw advantages to being part of a bigger company.