Public parks warped for commercial use in Ho Chi Minh City


A number of public parks in Ho Chi Minh City have been partially converted into sites for doing business and private residences for a long time.

Around 30 parks of various sizes exist in the metropolis but some of them have suffered an encroachment by commercially-oriented activities.

At Tao Dan Park in downtown Ho Chi Minh City, low plastic chairs provided by makeshift restaurants sprawled along portions of the paths, hindering the passage of park visitors on multiple occasions.

Meanwhile restaurants and shops still sit in downtown 23/9 Park, although in smaller numbers after the municipal administration’s plan to halt commercial activities in a section of the area.

Phu Lam Park, in District 6, has devoted its center to an extensive playground for children.

A corner of Gia Dinh Park, one of the city’s largest green spaces, has been intended for a circus facility, and now sees the appearance of a circus coffee shop.

The traffic road bounding the park is littered with chairs, eateries and food carts encroaching on its pavement and road surface.

Many people have for many years hogged part of the park to build shelters, ranging from simple makeshift huts made of plastic sheeting to brick houses.

The inhabitants even keep dogs and chickens and the residential spot presents itself as a blot on the public landscape.

Here is a picture of Tao Dan Park:


Here is a picture of 23/9 Park:


Here are pictures of Phu Lam Park:


Here are pictures of Gia Dinh Park:


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